27 March 2017

March updates

Thanks for your support as we are expanding our own blog. March updates at our own WordPress site to follow.

31 January 2017

New updates in January

Like what we meant that January has come to an end before we take a break until 26 February. Here's an update in January on our main blog site.

14 January 2017

There's no return to Blogspot

After being away for a long time, we decided to bring back Fellowship Stories Of You And Me's Blogspot page. We also write things up at justintanwc.wordpress.com. More stories coming your way.

31 July 2016

Merged: the end of Blogspot

This blog we've been writing for 2 years has come to an end.

We were still located on justintanwc.wordpress.com to write up on our adventure.

30 June 2015

Something new!

OK, we will plan that blog on my Wordpress site is still in development. Don't tell you. It's secret.